About Us

Sarikasa Makmur Sdn Bhd [1282026-W], was incorporated in June 2018. The inspiration behind the brand’s name was the name of “SARI” taken from Indonesian word means “essence” and “KASA” is a Turkish word means “TIGHTENING”. The combination of SariKasa is the strongest element that “Bring the Essence for Perfection”. Incomplete, our products are developed for the use of the customer’s perfection in beauty and health purposes.

Our Values

Sarikasa values are based on 5 core things that will only bring benefits and deliver goodness in people’s life.

Bumiputera/Muslim Owned Company

Sarikasa is own and runs by Bumiputera, targetting Muslim community to strengthen its Islamic element within it.

Halal Products

Sarikasa strives on providing Halal products, making sure everything is carefully prepared from the beginning until the end.

Based On a Healthy Lifestyle

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle is our main priority to bring awareness, for society to be aware of how important it is to live a healthy life.

Precise with Research & Developments

Sarikasa main principle is to be careful and precise with all the product, making sure it is all natural and had been through research.

Passion For Beauty

We believe that real beauty is when a person appreciate their body, skin and all about themselves and still strives to be a better person each and every day.

Our Products


Your skin is a precious asset, that’s why we build Prettifly™ as our first product. We believe that investing in high-quality skin care products, taking a holistic and proactive approach to beauty is significant. We want you to take the right first step to a lifetime of healthy skin. It is found by a team of dermatology enthusiasts.

Prettifly™ is committed to being excellent skin care that is safe and scientifically proven. Unlike many skin care products in the market, Prettifly™ offers professional-strength formulas, with a combination of natural, authentic and non-toxic ingredient that is not only high in quality but also affordable.

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